1000 months is 83 years, and I expect to live at least that long – the rest is a bonus

At the age of 30 I was pleased to be surviving and in the music business.

By 40 I was married and in TV, Charlotte was born and though that was a joy, life was not easy and my marriage did not last much longer. Between 45 and 55 I was bringing up my daughter and working full-on with YO! Sushi. It was a fulfilling and busy time. At 55 I realised that life did not go on forever. I had lived 650 months and had 350 to go – the clock was ticking.

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 It was a moment of revelation and my life plan, in so far as I have one, became based on the knowledge of my limited time. I was determined to carpe diem, to throw off the shackles of the past, determined to live the fullest I can, for myself and for everyone around me, to live in the moment without fear.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

Do what you do to the fullest, do what you can do, do what you like to do. If others like it and it works, then do that. If it doesn’t, then go on to the next thing. And most importantly – enjoy the ride.