‘YO! MAN’, the autobiography of Simon’s life and times is coming soon! For updates, Simon’s modern ventures and more business tips, follow him on:

You can also contact Simon on his social media and he will get back to you. If you are really keen, send us a video with your pitch, your thoughts and ideas. Since starting out and being constantly knocked back, Simon made a pledge to himself that he would always respond to other entrepreneurs’ questions, and (with some help) he still does.

But most importantly, if you have a dream, the time to start chasing it is now!

In Japan they don’t say ‘good luck’, but instead they say, ‘keep going’.

In making this book, I would like to thank Mike Reynolds, the producer and stalwart champion, full of ideas and certainty throughout the long process. Mike Hewes, as the one-man creative agency who has compiled, moulded and edited the content. And Justin Smith and the team at Orbital, whose wizardry engineered the functionality and unique look of the Book of YO!