One percent improvement a day becomes a hundred percent in three months

The period of my life prior to starting YO! Sushi was spent in the TV business and I was unhappy because I had not fulfilled my potential.

At twenty my plan had been to be a millionaire by thirty, at thirty it had become thirty-five, and so on. Time was ticking away and I was procrastinating.

A big change came when I learned about writing down goals. I divided them into Home, Career and Health and got them down on paper, revisiting them every day to refine and shorten them.

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I was creating strong statements that were like a tune you cannot get out of your head. I actually got them laminated and ‘rapped’ my spoken goals to a karaoke backing track. For Career I used The Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week” and for Home, Jan and Dean singing “Two Girls for Every Boy”.

It was enormously powerful and, having walked around the park with it on the Walkman, within three weeks I was running four miles – beyond my wildest dreams of fitness. I felt like Superman… if I could handle this I could do anything!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Sometimes when I look at the mountain to climb it seems overwhelming. When I chip away a little bit at a time, I am surprised at how quickly the pile is reduced. Often the items on my list that I keep putting off have simple solutions when I summon the will to deal with them.

Start Small You can do it
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