Don’t follow Prophets…

Don’t believe leaders, if it don’t make sense, keep it in the right tense…

When I was a kid at school everyone wanted to be normal. “Is that normal?” they’d say. I never wanted to be normal. Where did that come from? I don’t know. It’s served me, I guess, and kept me free.

For most of my life I have not watched TV. For years I never even had a TV – now I’ve got three and I still don’t watch. When the subject turns to films I shut up, don’t even have a favourite – except maybe Spinal Tap. I can’t name film stars, and I’m the same with social media. I never went on Facebook in the early days. I was trying to get away from showing off. And I didn’t want to compete on friends, thought I might lose – that’s competitive … or not, you could say.

Live in the present, it’s all we’ve got, wear it lightly, let go of the past, let the future unfold.

Simon Woodroffe

Somehow I ended up not being influenced, untainted I’d say, a free imaginative mind, and achieved what I set out to be. Not normal, a maverick perhaps, I’m proud of that, entrepreneur yes, it’s a good mantle – much rather have been a singer, I can write songs but can’t stay in tune, though I made a record with The Blockheads. Chaz Jankel, songwriter and keyboard player, always said “Doesn’t matter, if you belt it out no one knows.” … and I did.