Committees Don’t Cut It

To develop new concepts requires individuals and time … committees don’t cut it.

If I’d gone out to market research conveyor belt sushi bars with robots before I opened YO! Sushi, the results would have been: “What is the guy talking about?”

To begin with a lot of people in London didn’t know that they liked sushi.

It was only when they got tempted in by all the fun, and discovered there was lots to eat as well as raw fish, that they decided “This sushi stuff is pretty good.”

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Same as when I launched massage in YO! Below.

Everybody said, “You can’t massage people in a bar when they’ve been drinking” and if we’d been a committee or large company the idea would’ve been thrown right out. But I knew that the way to find out was to try it, and because all my team were into it they found ways to deal with the problems.

What better way I say to get close to your customers than to rub oil on their naked shoulders!

Search all of your parks in all of your cities and you will not find a statue of a committee.

David Ogilvy, advertising guru

Committees and market research produce mediocrity, so often it is one person’s obsession that can break truly new ground: Edison and the light bulb, Dyson and the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Development takes time to go up the wrong paths and to refine, refine, refine.