The revolution that will happen after the technological revolution will be a quasi-spiritual revolution

On my own journey I grew up comparing myself to others and feeling wanting, with work, with girls, and other men.

I remember as I went through divorce, my brother sending me a letter telling me to “get some help” and angrily tearing it up. “Who do you think I am?” I thought, yet it was that process of self-examination that allowed me to break through the things that had held me back and start to become the person I wanted to be and I’m still doing it every day.

Who knows what will happen?

My life is not a rehearsal. I know that the time is now and the place is here and I am acting on my dreams even as I write this sentence.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon

You can see the seeds in the growing interest in astrology, the popularity of practices from feng shui to t’ai chi, and the proliferation of self-help books and even TV talk shows.

What we are all seeking is happiness, and people are realising that the “When I get the job, or the money, or a girlfriend …” approach is a syndrome that will only go on and on.

You are already happy and learning to find that happiness in the process of your journey through life is a sweet discovery.