I am serious about my business and at the same time I don’t give a damn!

If there is one thing I have learned about myself it is that when it all becomes too important, then it is stressful.

And then I alienate people and make bad decisions. Which is why I used to be called the Steam Roller. Until I worked out what was the worst thing that could happen, which was that I’d run out of money and I’d have to go back and live with my mum. And even that wouldn’t be so bad because she was quite nice, my mum (well actually it wouldn’t be that great even though she was nice).

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So the picture I have as I go through my workaday life is that on one shoulder I have this serious bloke who works incredibly hard and is organised and wants everything done efficiently and immediately. And on the other shoulder I have this giggling character who asks “how could you be so serious?” and “most of the time it won’t happen how you want it anyway, so why are you getting so wound up?”

And one side balances the other, so most of the time I don’t get stressed and I make good decisions and retain my friends. Most of the time.

The situation is desperate but not serious.

Irish rugby team manager during a disastrous season

I have noticed that all of the philosophical religions are sympathetic to notions of ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’ or ‘God’s will’. I think this is a very good ploy because when we truly believe that ‘whatever will be will be’ then off comes the pressure and we shrug and allow things to happen as they will. That doesn’t mean that we don’t try incredibly hard; it just means that we accept the results as they are handed out.

Money isn’t Everything Try to relax
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