Life is hard is the greatest truth

The hardest time of my life was the two years it took to get divorced.

Once I had gotten over the rejection, the hard part was the unfairness of it all, so I thought.

I remember getting the formal letter from the lawyer and tearing it up in my anger. “How could they play this game of reasonableness?” I ranted. “It was my life, my family, my security.”

The insecurity of it all, what would become of me?

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And how I suffered with all the injustice. It was only when I started to realise that this was just the way it was, and so what. I wasn’t going to change anybody, it was going to happen how it was going to happen anyway.

So I might as well get on with it and do the best I could do. And then most likely it would work out OK as everything else always had.

So I just started throwing off the resentment and began to understand everyone else’s side. I started feeling less pressure and started getting on with what I had to do.

When it was all resolved I looked back and wondered what all the worry had been about.

Human beings are designed to get used to the most uncomfortable situations remarkably quickly… it soon becomes normal.

To sing the blues you have to have had them.

Big Joe Williams

When I truly understand that life is hard and that that is the natural order of things then I stop complaining. So and so is charging me too much, someone will complain. “Well,” I’ll say, “so would I if I could.”

Or I’ll hear someone moaning on about something. “So life is normal,” I’ll say, and I’ll see their head nod and a smile come on their face… they already know. Most people struggle for quite large amounts of the time; amazing but true.

So enjoy when times are good and accept when they are not… it’s normal.