Just do it

I’d reached the age of 40 in the music and TV business and had some of the biggest names in pop music as my clients.

Although it might have seemed to others that I had done OK – I’d had my own businesses – inside I felt frustrated that I had never reached my potential. I wanted to be rich and famous and successful and I felt my time was ticking away.

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I started writing down my ideas and talking about them and one day a Japanese acquaintance said “What you should do Simon, is a conveyor belt sushi bar with girls in black PVC mini skirts.”

I’ll never forget that – it was a really focussed moment. Well, we never did the mini skirts, but those four words “conveyor belt sushi bar” were the catalyst that helped me step into the insecurity of the next few years.

Follow your fear to find your destiny.


If I stand in the sand and draw a circle around myself I am in my comfort zone. Now I step outside and I feel fear, and today I know that that is a good place to be.

When I stay there for a while I become familiar and the fear subsides. Now I can draw a wider circle around myself and my comfort zone gets larger.