Pre YO!, first in the lighting business, and then as a stage designer, I got to know my way around keeping a small business alive, working hard, finding the right people and bringing clients in.

There were some big highs for my little company, like doing the Nelson Mandela and Amnesty concerts and eventually Live Aid. But some projects crashed and burned too.

After a run of mishaps, I had no qualifications and nothing to fall back on, and things looked bleak. But I had gotten used to feeling insecure so when the chance to make YO! Sushi came along I was ready to fight or die. And no alternative.

Fortune sides with him who dares .


Although I wanted the world’s respect, underneath the bravado I was annoyingly insecure. As it turned out, that was the burning ember of an internal formula, so I was primed, my antennae were up. Desperation is a useful motive.