The four human emotions are – Anger, Sadness, Happiness and Fear.

After my divorce and my realisation that there were character defects that stood between me and the happiness I sought, I set out to find the things about myself that “you don’t know that you don’t know” as someone put it.

For example, I never thought that I was an angry person and I discovered that although I covered it up well I was actually a walking stick of dynamite. If somebody messed something up or crossed me, I was a ‘putter-downer’. “How could you possibly do or think that?” I’d imply, even if I didn’t say it in so many words.

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I started off seeing a Jungian analyst who taught me about my dreams. I had my own therapist for a while and I did quite a few of the personal development courses including a really heavyweight one in America where we danced around in the woods in various forms of dress or undress. I never gave away my power of decision but I did learn to trust some good teachers and I learned a lot. I also managed to retain a sense of humour (most of the time) and avoided the psychobabble!

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Susan Jeffers

They can be remembered as Mad, Sad, Glad and Scared and every human feeling falls into one of these categories. At any one time we are experiencing one or more of these and sometimes all of them at once. The best way to find out which one is to check the feeling in your body.

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