Act Fast

Business is a bit like Formula One motor racing… I’m gaining a couple of seconds a lap, but one mistake and the guy behind is through.

When I first heard about the Millennium Dome I thought it sounded a great place to showcase YO! Sushi to the world. So I approached them and after a large number of phone calls managed to get a meeting.

They’d never heard of us so there was a bit of explaining to do, and then I thought I was on my way. It eventually took me a year and a half to get in, after much persistence, including help from my brother who was doing the lighting there, and e-mails copied to Ministers of State. (Who knows what went on behind the scenes, but it was exciting as I pressed the send button each time!)

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When we did get agreement, they were very welcoming and in spite of the later bad publicity, the build-up and the opening were a great experience. Most of the rest of the caterers were much larger organisations than us but we got great reviews and became a bit of a minor celeb in there. The numbers never really made it a great commercial decision but I learned a lot, especially that if you simply never give up, you nearly always get it (although it may not always be what you had anticipated).

Well done is quickly done.

Caesar Augustus, 63 B.C. – 14 A.D.

People worry that the world is changing so quickly, but that is what makes it so exciting. There has never been an easier time to get into business and challenge the bigger boys. Nobody can sit on their laurels, and small organisations can change faster than larger ones.