My three rules for life

I have used three rules for twenty years now and people who know me well laugh at me when I talk about them.

I hear them quoted everywhere too!

Rule 1 is “Don’t take anything personally … ever.” I don’t need to explain to you how hard that is to practise … try it.

Rule 2 is “Don’t try and change anyone … ever.” It doesn’t work.

Rule 3 is “Everything always works out … always.” The things you were worrying about last week, last month, last year – mostly you can’t even remember what they were. All things will pass.

Obviously, these rules came about because I was living my life doing the opposite or I wouldn’t have needed them.

Life is short, break the rules

Mark Twain

In addition, I have always had these little sayings in my head and repeatedly used them till it became second nature.

Like “Fuck It” when things don’t go your way. Or if I am rejected, “It wasn’t meant to be,” and “Their loss, not mine.” They’re a cover-all so as to keep your spirit high.

Above all, I take 100% responsibility for whatever happens – even if it is patently another’s fault or bad behaviour.

Whatever your rules are (and three is a good number), nurture them. I probably use mine half-a-dozen times every day.

Three Rules I live by
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