Aiming To Fail

I set myself daily targets to fail and when I get six in the bag I punch the air, knowing I am on track.

I was short of two things when I started YO! Sushi: money and a location.

I remember calling up real-estate agents who must come across aspiring restaurateurs and dreamers every day, so there were times when I was dismissed pretty unceremoniously.

I saw site after site and landlord after landlord and at every rejection I reminded myself that this was not about me and I was one step closer to finding my site.

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I approached my own bank and was turned down, but there was an assistant manager there who could see what I was doing.

As luck would have it, a year later the manager left and my man got promoted and fought my corner.

It took another year and many, many more meetings, but I got the loans. (Thanks for putting your neck on the line for me Phillip Brown.)

Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, fail better.

Samuel Beckett

Simple formula really… ask enough girls for a kiss and one will say yes… but we don’t because we think the pain of all those rejections will outweigh the pleasure of the kiss.

And it is the same with business – if I am prepared to be turned down, or to fail, and I can get up and keep going knowing that the rejection is not personal, then I will create more chances to score a goal.