How much happiness does any purchase buy you?” is the question I ask myself now

It wasn’t always that way – cars, yachts, polo, holidays, homes, clothes, expensive hotels and restaurants, women and wine.

Much of the time the administration of such things outweighs the pleasure and we live in a world where everything is rentable. If I can make my purchases pay for themselves whether that be businesses or homes or cars, then that adds up for me.

There’s no purchase that gives you as much pleasure as financial security brings. For a risk-taking entrepreneur that might sound incongruous, but life is like that, we are made up of many contradictions.

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.

Oscar Wilde (he died destitute in France)

Risks must be taken but pitching the odds firmly on your side is the way to do it – cover every eventuality, pay attention to every detail and especially to your feelings, wait till every bone in your body says do it and then go full on.

Live within your means and build capital, use it wisely, invest what you are willing to lose – once that was everything for me, now it’s what will not affect my relatively modest lifestyle.