Finding funding

Rod Stewart funded my first business to build him a big white stage.

Later, working as a consultant, I made commissions putting deals together in the music and extreme sports television world. They were business of sorts and self-funding.

To bring YO! Sushi to life I put everything I had on the line, plus bank borrowing, two minority investors, some expensive equipment leasing and a lot of favours too.

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To expand five years later I sold 65% of my 90% shareholding to a venture capitalist for a pittance and made a great deal more from the 25% I had left when we sold to the next owner a few years later, in that case keeping a royalty I have to this day. YOTEL I developed with my own cash, taking on a partner, Gerard Greene, at the outset.

Working part time from his hotel consultancy he managed to raise twelve million dollars from a Kuwaiti investor, based only on our business plan and YO!’s track record.

Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

Warren Buffet

Whether you follow my path or crowd fund, angel fund, use early-stage venture capital, friends and family or find a fool to help you, then try to keep control while being super generous in every other respect. This is the way I have operated.

You don’t find money sitting at home writing a business plan, but you do by getting out and talking to people, making mistakes and sometimes making a fool of yourself.  If you have the self-confidence that you are going to get the money and that the investor might miss out on a great investment — that is the greatest call to action.

Get out there And be bold
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