I like to work with revolutionaries

The world is in a positive revolution and those people understand.

I went to visit a food supplier recently and on arriving found a solid looking sign in the prime parking space, “Reserved for Simon Woodroffe” it said. I was welcomed warmly at reception and they even knew in advance how I took my coffee.

I felt important, respected, honoured even. It felt very good and as a result the meeting got off to an excellent start and we concluded our deal.

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Later I commended the factory manager on the welcome and he told me that soon after the receptionist who had been responsible for my welcome started there, she approached him and asked for a change of job title. She wanted to be a technologist like the factory staff. “What sort?” the manager asked. “An F.I.T.” she said. “What’s an F.I.T.?” he asked. “A First Impressions Technologist”, she told him.

That’s what I call a revolutionary.

This lady had figured out how she could really make a difference, and was ready to communicate her enthusiasm for that in a powerful way.

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

Elbert G Hubbard, writer and businessman (1856-1915)

Getting things to actually happen, creating change, generating new revenue, figuring out what will make the biggest difference to customers, profitability or the company’s well-being.

These are the sort of things that the people I call revolutionaries want. They want to make a difference and are willing to take risks to do what their instincts tell them are good ideas.

Dynamic companies applaud revolutionaries and create an environment in which they can succeed.